Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jonathan's family moved to Columbus County, NC when he was 7. He grew up there, loving all kinds of music for as long as he can remember. (He wore out the first album he ever owned, Garth Brooks "Ropin' the Wind", from playing it too much.) Jonathan used to listen to, learn, and sing every song that he liked on the radio around the house all day (and still does). At 12 years old, as he began to pick up and play an acoustic guitar his dad had lying around the house, Jonathan's dad took notice, indulging his interest by buying him a little white electric guitar of his own. Jonathan proceeded to learn how to play most of the Beatles catalog, starting a lifelong love for their music. The combination of learning the guitar and being inspired by the Beatles' music brought out an ability to write songs, and his songwriting blossomed from there.
  Jonathan performed in school plays in high school, performed in church, and was in and out of bands throughout high school and college. He purchased a Mac laptop soon thereafter and began recording songs he had written. He continues to record to this day, with several independently produced releases to his credit.
  In 2012, Jonathan moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a artist and a songwriter and continues working hard at garnering the attention that would enable him to make his music a full time job. Having built a good group of close friends to cowrite songs and do life with, Jonathan is well on the way to perfecting his craft of songwriting, performing and recording music and it is only a matter of time until he achieves his goals.